A report on cranberry growing and northland cranberries inc

The success of cooperative marketing almost led to its failure. Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc.

This was done to reduce yields in order to comply with the federal volume restriction and to reduce costs. We also sell frozen orange-flavored concentrate under the Awake label.

Leaving the bank, he consolidated the five partnerships as a publicly traded company, incorporated as Northland Cranberries, Inc. We believe our current relationships with our employees, both union and non-union, are good.

Based on the results of this analysis, we took additional steps in fiscal which we believe will reduce costs and improve profitability, including: This receiving station, along with contract receiving facilities in Wisconsin, Massachusetts, and Oregon, clean and sort raw cranberries.

We also contract with other cranberry growers in Wisconsin and Oregon to purchase their crop. But Northland had come to be a bigger player in the market. During fiscalthe distribution centers we utilized were reduced from eleven to seven. In Junewe also sold our private label and food service cranberry sauce business to Clement Pappas and Company, Inc.

This product line also includes cranberry cocktail, cranberry apple, cranberry raspberry and cranberry grape. Swendrowski became president and CEO, and he owned close to 40 percent of the total stock.

The company hoped to build on its private label business, and it was also able to move into the manufacturing of cranberry sauce for the first time. He was a loan officer for a Wisconsin bank, and before that he had been an English teacher and football coach at a Catholic high school.

Most of the markets in which we compete are dominated by Ocean Spray. The next year Northland introduced its Northland brand cranberry juice blends.

Ocean Spray has significantly more experience in the fruit juice markets than we do, as well as greater brand name recognition and greater marketing and distribution resources.

The increase in the gross margin rate in the third quarter and the first nine months of fiscal was primarily the result of reduced manufacturing costs which were impacted by improved cost controls, improved utilization of manufacturing capacity and lower cranberry costs.

Northland also began experimenting with growing the berries abroad. We intend to continue our efforts during fiscal to sell our Bridgeton, New Jersey property.


Competition between canners was fierce because profits were thin. By Junewe had successfully achieved national distribution. The company moved more aggressively into juice marketing by making significant acquisitions.

We are currently reviewing alternatives for replacing the lost Nestle business and maximizing utilization of our Jackson, Wisconsin manufacturing facility. Competition We compete for the sale of cranberry concentrate, non-cranberry concentrate blends, not-from-concentrate and single-strength cranberry juice, and frozen whole and sliced cranberries to commercial and ingredient customers including, but not limited to, juice processors, bakeries, re-packagers and wholesale distributors.

In fiscalwe intend to add field sales managers to our branded juice sales team to supplement our current staff and help us to focus our sales efforts in conjunction with Crossmark.

A Federal Marketing Order that is authorized to synchronize supply and demand was approved in Our fall harvest i. We believe these and other efforts will help us meet our goal of returning to profitability and help us to achieve i an increase in gross margins in fiscal due to reductions in depreciation costs and other overhead; ii lower operating expenses; and iii more efficient trade spending due to the change in our promotional and pricing strategies.

As a result of the Restructuring, Sun Northland controls approximately Whether new permits or extensions to remove and sell gravel and then build bogs in the future will be approved remains in doubt, as town officials are very much aware that the crash in cranberry prices has made expansion of acreage an economically risky proposition.Cranberries Limited, Inc.

("CLI") was founded in by John Swendrowski. Swendrowski was a pioneer in the cranberry industry venturing into territory untouched by his predecessors. He was at the helm of the largest independent cranberry growing company in the world. Through John's conglomerate of cranberry businesses, primary Northland.

Cranberry Bog. NORTHLAND CRANBERRIES, INC. N. NORTHLAND CRANBERRIES, INC. CLAIM THIS BUSINESS. W GRAND AVE WISCONSIN RAPIDS, WI Get Directions () Business Info Receive a one-time comprehensive credit report on this company.

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mint-body.comon: W GRAND AVE, WISCONSIN RAPIDS, One of the resulting entities is Cranberries Limited, which continues to manage some 17 Wisconsin cranberry growing operations. It supplies cranberry concentrate to Apple & Eve and Ocean Spray and operates alongside its Legacy Bogs sister company.

With a Hoovers subscription you can get a comprehensive view of Northland Cranberries, Inc. The cranberry is one of three fruits native to North America. It is a perennial crop grown commercially in man-made wetlands or bogs in primarily five states in the U.S. Americans consume nearly million pounds of cranberries per year, 20 percent of them during Thanksgiving week.

In addition to Northland % juice cranberry blends and our Seneca, TreeSweet and Awake branded products, we also grow and package Northland brand fresh cranberries and primarily sell them in ounce plastic bags to food retailers and wholesalers during the fall.

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During the growing season cranberry beds are not flooded, but are irrigated regularly to maintain soil moisture. Beds are flooded in the autumn to facilitate harvest and again during the winter to protect against low temperatures. Cliffstar Corporation, Northland Cranberries Inc.[Sun Northland LLC], Clement Pappas & Co., and Decas Cranberry.

A report on cranberry growing and northland cranberries inc
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