Alien writing alphabet

Alien writing alphabet them just fascinating. In the centre you have Alpha Centauri. The meanings behind alien symbols and ET writing seem to remain hidden for the most part.

These are alien writing alphabet no means the only examples in existence, but we believe they are a representative sample of what abductee-experiencers have remembered. Her voice was a low, mechanical sound: This is not a debunking in any way. I have definitely seen first hand what is portrayed in one of his symbols.

Some figures look like Japanese and some appear to be ancient writings. I kept looking through the light to see if I could tell where the beams were shining from and I saw a big eye.

I never knew that others have seen it! Besides the fact that I recognize them as mathematical symbols, I know I have seen them before. Not paper; it looked like a metal plate. I know that this is an attempt on the aliens behalf to test our knowledge as to whether or not we are psychologically advancing.

Did you happen to see Fellowship of the Rings before this dream, because those are very very similar to Elvish Letters. We are certain black-budget cryptologists have gone over every symbol of this type with a fine tooth comb and might actually know more about them than we know.

10 Fictional Alphabets You Can Actually Use

They are used like Tarot cards, but are put on rocks instead. ET Script, ET Writing and Symbolism By Global ET Research There is much interest concerning an alien alphabet, alien writing and ET symbols, which is why we decided to put together some credible examples of these for our readers who are searching for this information.

I distinctly remember the sound and how it made me feel and how similar it was to what I heard when I was a child. I could hear it, but the information went to another part of my brain and I was not allowed to retain conscious memory of the information. I studied to a small extent Japanese and have seen other ancient writings in books.

We worked on our selves using the Pleiadians hieroglyphics looking like some foreign language. I have had this "downloaded" into my head while in my bed in a paralysed state.

I never really paid much attention to them until now, because I know now that someone else has seen them. But I know this drawing has meaning.

I have recognized some of the symbols, and hope that I may be of help.

Letters from Our Readers about the Alien Symbols "Fascinating alien symbols for altering human energy. It seems the underlying knowledge pertaining to these writings has for the most part, been placed in our subconscious minds until it is required at a later time.

I remember those very well. I am wondering if you can put me in touch with Paul from the UK? The entire tablet had symbols on it, but I was only able to consciously remember three of them. Click on a picture link below to read more.

I was really into Tarot cards and Runes when I was younger.

It had symbols or writing on it. As stated before in many articles - Mathematics is the universal language. Linda Moulton Howe has published numerous books on unusual phenomena.

It was some of these exact symbols! This symbol is similar to the symbol Jim Sparks identified as the letter F, but without the dots. Books Featuring Alien Alphabets, Charts and Symbols The following books contain further explanations of alien symbols and handwritings. I hope that this may have made some sense, and can help you out in your research.Alien alphabet — Matt Groening, Futurama [Image via ] When we first noticed this alien alphabet throughout Futurama, we figured it was a nonsensical script that couldn’t be learned.

The Futurama Alien Alphabet appears in Matt Groening's animated series Futurama. It is used mainly to write signs which appear in the background of some scenes and which are often in-jokes. It is used mainly to write signs which appear in the background of some scenes and which are often in-jokes.

The alphabet has precisely the same twenty-six letters and base ten number system as English, and the writers didn't create an Alienese language to go along with the alphabet, so everything it said was in English (the main point of Alienese was to do in-jokes, after all).

Buy Alien Alphabet Regular desktop font from ParaType on Explore Ulrica Tang's board "Alien Writing" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Alphabet symbols, Glyphs and Writing fonts. Samuel's Alien Alphabet. Ben's Alien Alphabet. Letters from Our Readers about the Alien Symbols "I don't recognize this alphabet myself but there is a NASA photo of the surface of Mars that shows a similar script.

Please check this out. See if you think it is similar." --Starmom "In reference to the alien alphabet that you have posted, some of the letters do look familiar to me.

Alien writing alphabet
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