An essay on the life and paintings of pablo picasso

Picasso was born and lived in Malaga, Spain until he was ten years old. He changed art more profoundly than any other artist of this century because he was an inspiration. In Picasso had his first solo exhibition, which his included many different styles of art. He painted many paintings and the first of these paintings were focused on bullfighting, because he was exposed to bullfighting at the age of three.

These initial efforts at developing this almost sculptural sense of space in painting are the beginnings of Cubism. The people he painted seem poor and starved. He also started doing a lot of work with bronze and other metals. After a while he and Olga started having some marital troubles.

Pablo Picasso Essay Example

All of the faces are misshaped in agony. He also had a very short attention span, which they later found out was caused by dyslexia. He would pick a scene that he liked and he would sit down and paint it. Being financially secure Picasso was starting to do a lot of traveling. Picasso decided to paint Guernica in a sharp monochromatic palette of gray, black, and white colors.

On first glance, Guernica seems to be confusing and chaotic. In the late twenties, Picasso started painting pictures of heavy neoclassical figures.

However, probably it is the way Picasso wanted to throw the viewers into the midst of the rapidly brutal action. There he displayed paintings and drawings of a large variety of styles. Picasso met his next love, Francoise Gilot, who was also a well-known artist.

Malaga is a city in southern Spain on the of the Mediterranean.

The understanding of the meaning and symbols of the painting Guernica by Pablo Picasso Essay

Many years later he began to grow sick. In he started into ceramics and sculpture. Many of his subjects in these paintings were circus attractions such as acrobats, clowns, and circus families.

His father realized the talent that his son had. Picasso used some symbolic images as well as a cubism style to create the painting. One rushes somewhere; another one bends out of the window of the burning house.

He was responsible for setting up the sets for the different Ballets they had going on. Finally, the painting does not have one exact meaning.

Marie gave birth to their baby daughter Maya in During this period, he would spend his days in Paris studying the masterworks at the Louvre and his nights enjoying the company of fellow artists at cabarets like the Lapin Agile.

Everything is in flux. He had two siblings, Lola, who was born inand Concepcion, who was born in This style made it possible to see multiple sides of an object at the same time.

Pablo Picasso

It was a huge success for Picasso, especially in the financial part of it. In latePicasso started to paint in a truly revolutionary manner. He became fascinated with the acrobats, clowns and wandering families of the circus world.

He went to Spain and spent the entire summer in a small remote village, where he starting painting nude images. First, he started painting pictures that represented the recent suicide of his best friend Casagemas.

He was also very interested in Negro sculptures. This new phase he was into was called the rose period. He started painting pictures of disfigured women. Be sure to Gin new emotions and realize some hidden facts of life.

Picasso also had a Rose Period, which is characterized by paintings that had shades of pink and gray.

Biography of Pablo Picasso and History of His Art

Picasso was a genius by the time he was ten years old, which was when he painted his first picture. Some of his more famous paintings during this period include, Family of Saltimbanques, and Woman with a Fan.

Between and he began to paint with bright, unmixed colors.Essay about Pablo Picasso Words | 5 Pages. of personal meaning to the artist. One of the most important figures in modern art is Pablo Picasso.

Not only was Pablo Picasso a genius in the field of abstract art, but he also experimented with sculpting and ceramics.

An example of a painting from the Blue Period is The Old Guitarist. Picasso also had a Rose Period, which is characterized by paintings that had shades of pink and gray.

Many of his subjects in these paintings were circus attractions such as acrobats, clowns, and circus families. Feb 19,  · Essay on Pablo Picasso Pablo Picasso Essay Example. Pablo Picasso was born in the Spanish coastal town, of Malaga on October 25, His father, Jose Ruiz Blasco, was an art teacher.

At this time Picasso was wanting to create some peace in his life, and one could see it in his paintings. He started painting pictures of doves. Pablo Picasso - His Life and His Art Essay Words | 5 Pages Pablo Picasso - His Life and His Art Pablo Ruiz y Picasso, painter, sculptor, and printmaker, was born in Malaga Spain on October 25, and died on April 8, Today he is considered to be one of.

Pablo Picasso: His Influence on Art. The influence of Pablo Picasso on art can be measured via the enduring fame of the man; he remains, arguably, the most famous artist since Michelangelo, more celebrated than Duschamp, Monet or Cezanne.

At a glance, if someone knows nothing about the painting Guernica by Pablo Picasso, it might look insane, unintelligible, and meaningless. However, the picture hides .

An essay on the life and paintings of pablo picasso
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