China and japan response western penetration 19th century

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The true power at the top of the nation was the Empress Dowager Cixi. The need for self-strengthening seemed obvious. They looked to begin building modern industry imposed western laws and dress all in an attempt to resist influence from the western powers. By the time it was over more than 20 million people had died.

Industrialization, transportation and trade There were certainly some Chinese government officials who realized early that change was required if China was going to stand up to outside forces. The people pushing the hardest from inside Chinese society were all Western educated and Western influenced.

In the Confucian system when the top leadership changes the rest of society should naturally follows along.

Comparing and Contrasting China and Japan’s Responses to Western Penetration in the 19th Century

One observer might say that the Opium Wars were planned by the British government to force open trade and conquer territory. China was the first to do so, opening up a limited and controlled zone in the province of Canton to Western merchants.

Soon a small British fleet returned to extract punishment through force of arms. There was no five-year plan or ten-year plan for change. In many ways Japanese education was just an extension of Western education. When not otherwise noted, many of the ideas here are based on the assigned course textbook[1].

I suspect that a visitor to the typical Chinese village in would note little obvious change from the way that things had appeared a century before. According to Columbia University, this armed showdown with the West left China completely vulnerable to European imperial ambitions.

These were not benevolent missionary works designed to improve the general welfare of the Chinese peoples. This kept China under the influence of the western powers while Japan was able to modernize. Someone else might say that the Japanese government had a central policy of conquest against China in The results of this disparity between nations was most sorely felt in the cataclysmic and uneven matching of the armed forces of the two countries during World War II.

Chinese cultural pride was just too deeply ingrained, so much so that it became an impediment, blinding many Chinese and preventing them from recognising the need to learn from the barbarians and for fundamental change.

The worst case of internal rebellion — the Taiping Revolt from about to — was a violent upheaval in Chinese society that dragged on for more than a decade.

According to this simple way of viewing events, history happens in neat decade by decade chunks.Apr 27,  · Essay: Western influence and penetration into late nineteenth century China The assignment was “ An Examination of Western influence and penetration into China from mid-nineteenth century to the eve of the Chinese Revolution in Japan and the Western powers.

Rampant Western Capitalism ruled the great cities. Both China and Japan were ultimately able to maintain this policy of isolationism until the 19th century, when each finally succumbed to external pressures, though to differing degrees.

Continue Reading. Dec 28,  · How did China and Japan react to Western penetration in the 19th century? Follow. 2 answers 2. HELP! compare/contrast china and japan response to western penetration 19th century?

Different responses to western penetration of japan and china 19th century?Status: Resolved. Ap World History Essay: Comparing and Contrasting China and Japan's Responses to Western Penetration in the 19th Century.

Topics: Japan Arianna Goff Dunnavant Per. 4 APWH Japan / china response towards western penetration Although China and japan are similar when it comes to cultural independence.

Respones of China and Japan to Western Penetration. Kyle Garrity Compare and Contrast. STUDY. Term commonly used to describe areas that were dominated by Western powers in the 19th century but that retained their own governments and a measure of independence, e.g., Latin America and China.

Series of 19th century. Get an answer for 'Analyze and compare the differing responses of China and Japan to western penetration in the nineteenth centuryI'm not asking you to write my essay for me, I just need to know.

China and japan response western penetration 19th century
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