Com3701 marketing comm

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Log on to MyUnisa or follow this link https:COM - Marketing Comm By ferrolite September Words 8 Views PAGE 1 OF 10 TABLE OF CONTENTS Page 1INTRODUCTION 1 2EXPLANATION OF MARKETING MANAGEMENT 1 3FIVE STEPS OF A MARKETING PLAN 1 Step 1: Situation analysis 1 Step 2: Marketing.

COM3701 cheatsheet

marketing communication com assignment 1 unique number semester 1 michelle venetia deborah bonini student number contents 1. COM cheatsheet This cover the 4 main areas of the exam: The marketing plan, the four p's, integrative communication campaign as well as social media marketing.

COM3018 - Marketing Communication - 2010 Exam Paper

Marketing Comm @COM COM is for all students at Unisa studying marketing communication. It’s a platform to interact with lecturers and fellow students. Unformatted text preview: UNIVERSITY EXAMINATIONS ‘ UNIVERSITEITSEKSAMENS UNISAE COM MayIJune MARKETING COMMUNICATION Duration 2 Hours 70 Marks EXAMINERS.


COM3018 - Marketing Communication - 2011 UNISA exam paper

COM//1/ Tutorial letter /1/ MARKETING COMMUNICATION COM Semester 1 Department of Communication Science IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This tutorial letter contains feedback on your assignments and examination preparation.

Com3701 marketing comm
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