Conventional strategic planning concepts vs strategic intent thinking

This is one form of strategic planning, albeit rather linear, just extrapolating the past oil age into the future and attempting to reinvent what no longer will exist.

It is about "capturing what the manager learns from all sources both the soft insights from his or her personal experiences and the experiences of others throughout the organization and the hard data from market research and the like and then synthesizing that learning into a vision of the direction that the business should pursue.

Strategic thinking defines, but does not necessarily predict, the shape of the future, and articulates the desired end state. And in time of war, things are immensely fluid and fast-paced. In contrary, strategic intent is not about planning but it arises when there is an ambition that is out of all proportion to resources and capabilities.

You are raising an important point, and it is my privilege to offer an answer. From the standpoint of military strategy, in mid the desired end state was to defeat Japan. But one point I want to make is that, whatever you are doing, keep on looking at your fundamental assumptions.

When the economics or logistics of a major effort are not explicit, then no one in the organization can know which metrics matter. Strategic planning is, as I mentioned before, a type of high level management. Strategic planning, on the other hand, is a means to manage if not to specify, the details of how to achieve the desired end state.

In a world of shorter and shorter product times, and tighter and tighter decision loops, research and development efforts are critical to successful implementation of any strategy. At the same time, strategy is not just what you say.

But will they successfully and sustainably reinvent the past, and carry the past forward into the future? Strategic thinkers are able to spot and react to great new opportunities as they arise.

What are the costs and tradeoffs to do one thing, versus another? Strategic thinking can look forward and identify a profound problem, as worldwide production of fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas hits a peak, bumps along a plateau and then commences an irreversible decline.

Strategic Planning Concepts vs. This concept always makes me think of H. This was the goal. Changing demand will be an very inelastic process, to be sure, but go away the demand will. Poorly articulated strategy can lead to misguided and wasted efforts, overlapping or contradictory initiatives, and general organizational confusions that burn up gas and create the appearance of activity but makes for little progress.

Who is responsible for making things happen? Any initiative can be made to fit, ultimately creating initiative overload. Navy Admiral Chester Nimitz, on the other hand, did not believe that the U. Generally, the conventional strategic planning set by BOD of the organization and that cannot change whereas the strategic intent and skill-based strategic thinking are change according to the needs of market and so on.

Conventional Strategic Planning Concepts Essay Sample

God bless you all. And eventually,…well, you get the picture. For these souls, the oil age has ended in the past tow or three years.concept of strategic thinking.

Strategic Thinking and Strategic Planning

For example, what is strategic thinking? How do In explaining the difference between strategic planning and strategic thinking, Mintzberg argues that strategic planning is the systematic programming of Strategic intent is our term (that) implies a particular point of view.

The Fall and Rise of Strategic Planning. the difference between planning and strategic thinking, they can get back to what the strategy-making process should be: capturing what the manager.

Sep 04,  · a. Compare and contrast conventional strategic planning concepts with those of strategic intent and skill-based strategic thinking. Explain how the differences in these concepts can lead to better business strategy practice.

Byron King explains the difference between strategic thinking and strategic planning. the formulation of the strategic concept was founded on a profound sense of strategic intent and purpose. Conventional Strategic Planning Concepts Vs Strategic Intent Thinking Abstract The purpose of this integrated essay is to examine strategy, strategic planning, strategic intent and compare and contrast conventional strategic planning concepts with those of strategic intent thinking.

Strategy: Strategic Planning and Strategic Intent Thinking Traditional strategic planning is a process that starts by setting forth an attainable goal for the future of the organization. Next one would identify the steps required to achieve said goal followed by securing resources needed for the.

Conventional strategic planning concepts vs strategic intent thinking
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