Essay on family planning in india

The objectives during the Ninth Plan will be to meet all the felt-needs for contraception and to reduce the infant and maternal morbidity and mortality so that there is reduction in the desired level of fertility.

A propaganda drive has been launched to impress upon the people that family welfare is a very useful programme.

An Essay on Family Planning in India for School and College Students

Therefore, it has been made totally a voluntary programme. Karve proposed that the Indian Government should take up a population control programme, but was met with opposition. All these years, one fundamental human right that we have successfully protected as a nation is the right to multiply ourselves.

A sizeable section of the population of the country opposes the family planning measures as they consider the family planning as against the religious norms and an immoral act. Unless and until we have proper check on our population growth, it is almost impossible to improve the quality of life and standard of living.

The concept also includes the time between kids birth by using voluntary sterilization and contraception. India consists mainly of villages and rural population. The crude birth rate has come down from What we need is an integrated and methodical approach to the problem.

Intotal number of female sterilisation Tubectomy cases performed was So, it is wrong to insist that literacy, health care and poverty alleviation would check our population growth. The radio, the television, the newspapers and the entire media have been geared up to propagate family planning.

From a budget of Rs. The family welfare programme is considered to be very much beneficial both to an individual as well as to the society as a whole. During the Third Plan the whole programme was reorganised and a fully fledged Department of Family Planning was established at the Centre in Essay on the Suggestions for the Family Welfare Programme: The Government of India is keen in promoting the family planning in India to reduce the issue of population.

Now, India is facing an acute problem It is the problem of increasing population.

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To approach over 15 crore literate and illiterate couples in the reproductive age group, living in urban and remote rural areas, a broad based mass education and motivation programme has been launched.

The first pragmatic initiative undertaken during the last two years of the Eighth Plan is the reorganisation of the Child Survival and Safe Motherhood and related programmes into the Reproductive and Child Health RCH package of programmes. Again the Pulse Polio immunisation has been continued for the third year during targeting children in the age group years.

Thus this acute gender inequity is also standing in the path of achievement of family planning programme. The annual population growth rate works out at 1. Now, the Government is encouraging this family planning. Family planning programme in India has come to a standstill. There is a good response.

Generally, they include ineligibility for better housing, reduced educational opportunities, fines, etc.

Essay on Family Planning Programme in India

The masses were educated about the merits of small family and the eligible couples were motivated to adopt the preventive methods of population growth. Voluntary organisations and private medical practitioners are also associated with it to make the maximum use of available resources for optimum results.

In recent years, serious efforts were made by the Government towards the implementation of the strategy of population control and family welfare. The number of these centres is being increased further. They also use camps to enforce sterilization.Essay on “Family Planning and its need in India Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

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Essay on Family Planning in India

Family Planning. India is a vast and developing country. India’s population million is the second largest in the world. Essay on “The Problem of Beggary in India” Complete Essay for.

Planning is necessary to solve a problem. Now, India is facing an acute problem It is the problem of increasing population. Related Articles: Essay on Family Welfare Programme and Population Growth.

Free sample essay on Family Planning. Family Planning has been adopted as our national policy and a lot of money is being spent on it. Yet we are far from achieving our targets.

India’s population is increasing fast in comparison to its dwindling and depleting resources.

Family planning in India

Family Planning has been adopted as our national policy and a lot of. Population and Family Planning Policy in India Population growth has long been a concern of the government, and India has a lengthy history of explicit population policy.

In the s, the government began, in a modest way, one of the earliest national, government-sponsored family planning efforts in the developing world. The family planning organization attempts to provide a variety of contraceptives and other services to them.

In its family planning awareness drive, the Government of India adopted the UNEP guideline of delaying the first child and spacing the subsequent births. In‘family planning’ was rechristened as ‘family welfare’. Now, it embraces all aspects of.

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Essay on family planning in india
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