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In addition you can get guide line of every subject of every competitive exam. Any quote or saying of any renowned personality is perfect for prediction.

The candidate with the domicile of Islamabad Federal Capital cannot appear in provincial exams. The optional course can chose from any group, extending from A to I given below.

These are some of the alarming situations in Pakistan which needs serious consideration by the state. Receipt of the Fee Submitted to any National Bank or related authority.

In the modern era, although the ratio of woman in education and professions is increasing but their rights of being secure and just are still not so developed. The city has been constructed in the formation of a parallelogram and the area within the walls of the city central Lahore or Old Lahore is about acres.

CSS Application Process Candidates should submit applications to the Secretary of Federal Public Service Commission with the copies of their authentic educational documents and deposit the fees in the National Bank of Pakistan or any other government bank.

Students try lot of methods for having the best amount of knowledge for the test. If you have decided to write facts and figure before history, go in sequence. Man and woman have equal rights in Islam. Their salaries start from Rs. It is the best way for the preparation of CSS Exams.

Moreover this platform is not specified for particular exams as any student who has applied for any competitive exam can take benefit from our services. This issues with the approval of the Government.

When the British came they nicely combined the Mughal, Gothic, Victorian styles of architecture in the city.

Short essay on Lahore City

The examiner is more consult of the general study of you on the topic, Your analyze and compare powers, your approach to various facts and your way that you select to express those ideas. Please click at the subject to download the Past Papers: Viva Questions Scope and Jobs After achieving highest marks in the test, employment scopes of the professional candidates increase excessively.

There are lot of CSS preparation institutions for learning. Because of the ever growing scope as well as fame of the CSS exams, the aspirants belonging to the Sindh province, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and the Balochistan province are travelling to the bigger cities of the country to prepare for the cut-throat exams taking place annually.

The applicants are required to select total marks subjects of optional subjects. Well here down on this page we have collected some really important English Essay Topics for CSS exams so that you can prepare yourself for the next competitive exams while making a sketch out of these topics.

To the Federal Public Service Commission. It was under the Mughals that the city got its beautiful fort, infamous architecture, gardens, tombs, mosques and pavilions. Government of state needs to pay attention to eliminate such injustice with women and young girls and to focus on the women Rights in Pakistan.

The level of illiteracy in these provinces is lower as compare to Punjab due to which level of violence to women rights is higher. The things you must avoid during writing English Essay in CSS exam are to avoid repetition of one idea or fact, Do not go for unnecessary details or explanation, Avoid grammatical mistakes and do not go for the false statements.

Compare to urban areas, in rural areas, young girls are forced to get married even bellower the age of 16 or Despite of having rights, women are still deprived of their financial, economic, social and political rights.

You have to tell your paper marker about your efforts which you are going to generate in your essay. Many companies and institutes design their policies to save the rights of women.

Attested educational copies, two photographs, and experience certificates if they have any. Reading, solving and learning from the Past Papers for any type of education is famous among Pakistani students.

It will be good if you are writing causes and effects according to their order of importance. Their age must be within years. In rural or backward areas of Pakistan like Sindh, Baloshichtan and KyberPakhtun Khan, women are not given basic education. The monsoon season is at its peak during July and August, and the rain during these two months accounts for more than half the rain in the city.

BISE Lahore Board 9th Class Pakistan Studies Model Paper & Paper Pattern

In this part you have to move step by step. Suggestions must be mirror of the causes and predictions must be in a positive way.

One of the most famous architectures of the city is known as the Lahore Fort which was built during Mughal Rule by Akbar the Great.

These constructions are not only divine and beautiful but also great tourist attractions for the city. It is now made compulsory by the law to offer equal employment opportunities to the people so that women are encouraged to apply for any job.Competitive exams of Pakistan are held on Federal level as well as Provincial level.

At provincial level, each province is responsible to hold its provincial competitive exams. Only the candidate with the domicile of that province can appear in the exams of that province.

Method of writing English essay for PMS, CSS, Tehsildar and other competitive exams. Writing an English essay is quite tactical and needs a comprehensive study and reasonable approach. CSS (Central Superior Service) in Pakistan is the government service. Those who want to have a job in the governmental ambit have to appear in high level competitive exam called as CSS which is taken by the Federal Public Service Commission.

1. First SOS village of Pakistan was established at: (a) Karachi (b) Islamabad (c) Lahore (Correct) (d) Multan. 2. When first SOS village was established in Pakistan? English model papers for competitive exams. the result will be list of lahore english 9th their accomplishments in completing the application process was a long one.

Granted thesis is pages in length and follow the same pattern to your paper in a competitive. What are the types of essays Sociological imagination essay Academic custom.

Pakistan is an independent Islamic country. Islam itself says that men and women have equal rights of getting education.

In rural or backward areas of Pakistan like Sindh, Baloshichtan and KyberPakhtun Khan, women are not given basic education.

Essays for competitive exams in pakistan lahore
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