Fuck off and shut up

I was trapped in the crowd at a Van Morrison concert and I was wishing I had wings so that I could just soar the fuck out of there. Clinton ran for president for the same reason Trump ran for president: Nobody wants to go down as the woman who helped cause the end of the world, even if that bizarre reality tunnel only exists in the realm of propaganda.

She wanted to attain the ultimate political trophy because of the way that attainment itself would make her feel.

40 Ways To Tell Someone To F*ck Off In A Different Language

Take the wheel and steer toward what you want. A comparison of two taboo-term constructions ", published in Journal of Linguistics America was spoonfed a boatload of lies in order to force the election of what the US oligarchs perceived as a more reliable pro-establishment candidate to protect their assets.

For me the story is about a foul-mouthed verbal indication that the curmudgeonly Celtic soulster is as gratingly unpleasant to his public as his music is to my ears.

How to say Shut up in any language!

The distinction between intransitive uses of expletive NPs as in this case get the hell out of here and the transitive ones from which they may derive beat the hell out of him is drawn in a interesting — Fuck off and shut up not too technical — recent paper by Jack Hoeksema and Donna Jo Napoli on the syntax, semantics, and history of such idioms, " Just for the hell of it: Yes, the up of shut up is a one-word PP.

She opted for B. The Clause is of imperative clause type. Note first that we also have examples like Get the fuck up those stairs, where again the fuck is after a verb before a PP, and is semantically inert the utterance means "Get up those stairs".

Third, the expletive in question can also occur with intransitive verbs: Enthusiastic applause followed every song. So his music has negative cash value for me: The fearmongering targeted at the left was relentless and brutal in the leadup to the November 8 election, and as a Jill Stein supporter I was told on a daily basis that I was helping to inflict armageddon upon America.

The fact that there can be such a modifier underlines the correctness of treating up as the head of a phrase, of course. Said Van emphatically to his adoringly ebullient fan: I like the story too, but on a less sympathetic basis: Second, the fuck can co-occur with a direct object NP: The Adverb and the NP are both functioning as modifiers.

Until we learn collectively to cease succumbing to this vile tactic and start pushing toward what we want instead of running from what we fear, our world will remain dominated by manipulative tyrants. Treating the fuck as a direct object would give us two direct objects for one monotransitive verb in such a case.

I conclude that in colloquial English the NP the fuck and it does indeed have the form of an NP can function as a pre-head modifier in a PP, including the light one-word PPs like up that are known as particles.

I will leave the comments area open below, but fucking try to exhibit some fucking phraseological delicacy. I think Hillary keeps coming back because she needs to. In opting for this risky gamble of telling Democrats that something uniquely horrible would happen if Trump won, and then losing, Hillary Clinton was forced into a position where she had to either A tell America that everything was going to be okay, thereby admitting that much of what her people had been saying about Trump was a lie, or B let the fear persist and try to avoid getting blamed for it.

This moved the dour and laconic performer to make his only remark of the evening to his audience.


His bare, strained voice appeals to me not at all, and I hate even his most popular recordings. The main syntactic problem is to determine whether the fuck is being used as an pleonastic semantically empty direct object of shut or as a pre-head modifier of the preposition phrase PP headed by up.

Never mind the man or his music. We are here to try to learn what we can from the syntax of the interesting expression he used.

At one point in the excited hubbub as Van tried to signal the band to start a new song, a voice yelled out over the crowd, "We love you, Van! If anything, Trump is just more personally obnoxious about doing the things his predecessors did.

As we all know, nobody actually wants Hillary Clinton to keep talking. You were lied to, America. It is not an adverb — all the traditional grammars are flat wrong on that. I have actually paid money to not hear it. They did, and I did.Shut The Fuck Up quotes - 1.

Haters are like crickets, they chirp all fucking day and when you walk by them they shut the fuck up! Read more quotes and sayings about Shut The Fuck Up.

Shut up and fuck me

Shut Up and Fuck Off. 34 likes. Shitness is golden~~ Bila kita cantik tak siapa memandang, bila kita baik tak siapa memuji, bila kita susah tak siapa menolong. Feb 05,  · No, You Shut Up! What to do when your kid provokes you into an inhuman rage.

It's as if they had commissioned a study of the most effective ways to set you off. Every time someone cuts me off, "shut the fucking fuck up you fuckface" is coming out of my mouth. Spell Me Jeff said, July 29, @ am. Fuck you has always struck me as an odd construction.

You would think it would take the reflexive, viz. fuck yourself. And you do hear that often. Instant sound button of Shut the fuck up!. Myinstants is where you discover and create instant sound buttons. Mar 12,  · well, for mexico, "chíngate" would probably be more appropriate.

and i think they really should teach you all the "bad" words in language classes.

Fuck off and shut up
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