How to write a media kit fact sheet

You want to include a personalised email to each journalist to introduce yourself, the company and explain what the media kit is for.

Overview of website demographics. The headings of a fact sheet vary; the creator of the document chooses how to categorize major information. You are running Google Analytics or some kind of website traffic monitoring on your blog, right?

A simple media kit that makes an impact can definitely help you close a sale faster.

Media kits: What is a media kit and why do you need one?

What should your media kit contain? Treat it like a business card or resume. Your media kit is your personal introduction to media outlets. When my blog garnered international attention overnight in AprilI realized I desperately needed a knockout media kit to help my blog more effectively tell my story.

This is called a media alert or advisory. A media kit can take a form of PDF, Word, videos, audio, images, product sample or the combination of these. Finally, double space down and type the month and year, flush right.

The illustration below explains the key differences between a press release and a media advisory: What is a media kit? Unlock the secret of free media publicity.

Make sure you include important questions that are vital to be answered. The right side contains the heading descriptions. Media Alert There are times when announcements do not require the distribution of a press release, but rather a concise notice to the media.

Brief History of your accomplishment To further improve your image, you may include whom you worked with before. Link it somewhere prominent. They use the 5Ws and H format to quickly deliver information.

The PRSA fact sheet is an example of this format.Based on our experiences building a media kit, and from viewing many startup press pages, here is our advice for building a press kit for your small business.

A "Startup " fact sheet - who. How do I create a media kit?

How to Create a Knock Out Media Kit For Your Blog

Once you’ve gathered all of your knockout copy to sell the newsworthy high points of your blog, it’s time to put it all together in a sleek package that’s easy for media outlets to digest. A fact sheet is generally one or two pages and includes the who, what, when, where, why and how about a business.

Components of a fact sheet include the below. Click here for a fact sheet template. Crafting an attractive and informative press kit is a whole new beast in the digital era.

How to Create an Amazing Press or Media Kit

By Tim Donnelly Tim Donnelly is a freelance writer and managing editor of Figure out how to surprise and delight the media – maybe it’s with your navigation, making the fact sheet interactive or the fact that images are embeddable More and more people are accessing content on their mobile phones or tablets – don’t forget to design your press kit for mobile and tablet viewing.

What they really want are the raw materials, so they can write their own story. Give them those raw materials with a story kit. Send them a statement to mine for quotes and a fact sheet for the basic facts. Or give them a blog post and a photo. A story kit could be any combination of products that make it easier for the press to cover the story.

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How to write a media kit fact sheet
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