On the sidewalk bleeding setting

One can imagine Andy, lying on his side with blood spilling out and it being washed away by the rain, creating a murky red puddle. With the last of his strength, he shrugs off the jacket and dies. The gloominess of the setting in the story is connected to the terrible thoughts of dying Andy had going through his head as he lay there.

The setting of the story is very gloomy.

“On the Sidewalk, Bleeding”: Analysis & Theme

The other man vs. He left to buy a pack of cigarettes and is stabbed by a member of a rival gang, The Guardians. Andy is angry at everyone for not giving him a chance because of how people identify him. Andy is also in conflict with himself over his girlfriend, Laura.

What Is a Summary of

He fights with himself over man issues. The author tries to create as horrific a setting as possible. I believe that the author included a descriptive setting in the story because it also enhances the theme.

He wishes he could go back to the way he was, being just Andy. It was March and pouring rain. In the middle of the story, a young couple stumbles upon Andy, who is lying on the sidewalk, about 10 minutes after he was stabbed.

An elderly homeless lady digs through trash cans near by but does not hear him because of the rain splattering the trashcans. In his final moments, Andy realizes the Royals jacket cost him his life.

For example, if Andy was lying in a field with no clouds and the sun was shining brightly, the reader might not feel as frightened while reading the story. As Andy continues to wait for someone to help him, he begins to lose hope.

However, Andy soon notices that he is slowly dying. Due to rapid loss of blood, he is too weak to clearly speak. Instead, Andy is judged instantly because of this jacket.

All anyone sees him as is a member of the gang called the Royals. At the beginning of the story, Andy is stabbed by the Guardians.

There is also a man vs. He wonders to himself if Laura will be mad at him for being gone for so long.On the Sidewalk Bleeding is a short story by American author Ed McBain, also known as Evan Hunter. The story was first published in Manhunt magazine in Its protagonist, a sixteen-year-old boy named Andy, bleeds to death on the sidewalk after being stabbed below the ribs by a member of a rival gang.

The story is commonly used as teaching Author: Evan Hunter. The short story "On the Sidewalk Bleeding" by Ed McBain tells the story of Andy, who bleeds to death after being stabbed. Andy is a year-old boy who belongs to a gang called the Royals.

He is stabbed under the ribs by a member of a rival gang. The Setting The setting of the story illustrates Andy lying on the sidewalk in the rain in a dark alley at pm. He is bleeding because a rival gang, the Guardians have stabbed him and left him for dead.

Setting in “On the Sidewalk Bleeding” by Evan Hunter

''On the Sidewalk Bleeding'' Summary ''On the Sidewalk Bleeding'' is a short story written by Evan Hunter, also known as Ed McBain, in The story focuses on a year-old young man named Andy and his last moments after being stabbed by a rival gang member in an alley.

ON THE SIDEWALK BLEEDING BY Evan Hunter The boy lay bleeding in the rain. He was sixteen years old. He wore a bright purple silk jacket. Across the back were the words, THE ROYALS. The boy‟s name was Andy.

The name was written with thin black thread in the front of the jacket. It was just over the heart, Andy. He had been stabbed.

There are three narrative elements to the short story, “On the Sidewalk, Bleeding.” The ones that will be discussed are conflict, theme and setting.

“On the Sidewalk Bleeding” has two different kinds of conflict. First, there is a man vs. man conflict.

On the sidewalk bleeding setting
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