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The second being growth where a business is trying to increase sales which can help a business grow through diversification, merge or takeover. The first stage — negotiation — is the beginning of the conflict. For business to be successful they must constantly develop and change strategies to deal with the growth of the business or the life of the business may be cut short.

The official roles, which were put into practice in this incident, were to facilitate agreement between employees and employers, and to settle an industrial dispute by conciliation. They heavily supported all union industrial overt action, including picket lines, strikes, and overtime bans. Expanding its travel, catering and freight divisions to protect it from the peaks and troughs of its core airline business.

Under the WRAQantas essay is where the main responsibility for settling the dispute lies. Then the life cycle will keep going.

Passenger transport is the core business but they have diversified into freight and also in flight catering selling Qantas products inside the aero plane. The conflict would advance through four main stages over the course of its settlement — the negotiation stage, mediation, industrial action is taken, and then conciliation.

The industrial dispute occurred primarily because of two reasons, wage demands, and management policy. QANTAS responded with overt industrial action of their own on the 1st February by standing down maintenance employees for refusing to Qantas essay overtime.

Qantas is in the post maturity stage and are trying to renew in the business life cycle. Competitors were entering the market with lower cost structures, which QANTAS could not match, so they had to reduce costs, which in this case was wages.

They established the rules and bodies by which all industrial disputes are resolved, including this one. Business Life Cycle Stage: In the renewal stage of the business life cycle a company may have to face many problems that can affect weather the company is renewed, weather it declines or worse if the company will close down.

The main focus of this report is to identify the legal classification, the characteristics, the life cycle stage of Qantas and one internal and external stakeholder that is affected by the activates of Qantas. These may also have been incurred by the business, unidentifiably. Both parties believed they had a legitimate case, and neither would budge from their original demand.

It was overwhelmingly rejected.

This could lead to social problems, including such things as a breakdown of home life, increased violence etc. If this is successful sales, cash flow and profits will be higher then ever and will keep growing.

The process took place within the confines of the law, in particular the Workplace Relations Act Therefore Qantas can be in both aviation and freight industrial classifications. They argued that QANTAS was unfairly asking them to take a pay cut, as they were highly skilled workers and the poorest paid.

These stakeholders were all affected by the industrial dispute, as were other external stakeholders e. They also refused to take the matter to be arbitrated by the AIRC, which extended the time taken to resolve the dispute.

QANTAS proposed that all employees accept an month wage freeze, in order to obtain bonus levels if profit margins reach certain targets. A degree of inertia can hold back the renewal The acceptance of change may not be the same for all employees.

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These are the known financial costs only, which does not include increased administrative costs to deal with disputes, loss of market share if consumers switch companies as a result of unreliability, costs in increased absenteeism etc.

Queensland and Northern territory aerial service QANTAS limited is a public company that operates all over the world, but has not always been a public company. On the other hand, if managed well, the conflict could lead to an outlet for tensions and dissatisfaction to be released and brought to the attention of managers, as was the case with the proposed outsourcing of labour.

The new budget airline would also require labour flexibility in order to compete with other companies who had entered the Australian market with lower cost structures than QANTAS. The employees and management were the primary stakeholders in the dispute and hence were most affected, but they were not the only stakeholders who had a role in it.

Qantas provide consumers with a form of transport, which is a service. This proposed an month wage freeze for employees plus a sliding scale profit share scheme.

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Their influence has no doubt been undermined, as well Qantas essay that of the AIRC, who had little power to resolve the dispute efficiently, without consensus from both parties. Internationally, the cost cutting measures, which have been permitted for the low-budget Australian Airlines, will increase the international competitiveness of the company, allowing it to expand internationally.

The financial impacts of the conflict were severe, particularly because of industrial action. Business report for Qantas Essay Sample 1.The Qantas group aviation industry was established in in Queensland outback of Australia.

It also known in another name is Queensland a. 1. Overview Qantas-Main business and strategies The main business of Qantas airways limited is the transportation of passengers.

Their core strategy of Qantas is profitably grows and the longer-term strategy of Qantas is to reorganize its business structure in order to eliminate mounting losses. Dec 10,  · Qantas essay MKTG Introduction: Qantas Airways Limited is an Australian iconic airline group engaged in the operation of international and domestic air transportation services and the provision of freight services (Market Line, ).

The airline also associates its services with the Jetstar brand, with QantasLink, Jetstar. Qantas Airways Limited has strong business strategy with full service and premium as well as Jetstar focuses on the low cost fare. (Qantas Airways Limited, ) The company has high strong brand recognition and brand reputation which receive the award for the best premium economic class.

Qantas Essay. Qantas Airways STRATEGIC DIRECTION * Qantas Airways Limited may have won the capacity war between itself and Virgin Australia, but. Business Report Qantas Airways Essay BUSINESS REPORT ON QANTAS AIRLINES Hasblady Leon Ramirez (Sofia) Student No Class: BAE 10 16th January TABLE OF CONTENTS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 3 1.

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