Standardization vs customization

All of these strategies will benefit the organisation, because the amount of the customers will increase. This causes the number of customers increased because they prefer to know what to expect instead of getting surprises.

Many customers leaving means more customers coming. Mass customisation has been developed since the late s. The process of standardisation also leads to calculability or quantity, it is the third advantage of standardisation.

This Standardization vs customization will identify and analyse standardisation and its alternative, which is mass customisation, and also its application in real businesses.

The employees have no room to exercise their own decisions or skills, it makes them more robotic.

Standardization VS Customization Essay Sample

The question then becomes a matter of whether or not customers are willing to pay a premium for having to wait. This causes the staffs get bored easily, so the organisation has to find new employees to replace them who has given up their job, and of course the organisations has to pay more because Standardization vs customization fee for new employees is expensive.

Examples The following examples illustrate well-known services and products that also successfully blend elements of a standard or baseline component complemented by exterior layers to give the appearance of uniqueness or customization. As the result of globalization, people need and want differences, including various choice of meals.

Moreover, standardisation operating system also benefits the customers by giving them value for money, because standardised restaurants have lower price than other restaurants.

Standardization VS Customization in Global Marketing

It is transmitting the logic of mass production to service context, distinguish the concepts of homogeneous products, rigid technologies, standardised work procedures, deskilling homogenisation of workers, mass labours, and homogenisation of consumption.

Mass Customisation In this globalisation era, customers want and can afford the difference, they are willing to pay more for what they want and need, so price is less of a consideration.

Moreover, by applying mass customisation, the organisation becomes more competitive, because it is able to adapt to all environments and adjust with the time better than standardised organisation. Subway is the largest sandwich restaurant chain in the world with more than 37, locations around the world.

Customers can not be considered as a homogeneous market anymore. More essays like this: Subway is one of the restaurants that apply mass customisation operating system. Therefore, the staffs will try to give their best service to get this award and will not get bored easily.

The last advantage of standardisation is control, which is the authority that the industry has to make not only workers, but also the customers to do whatthe management needs. Standardisation operating system becomes less effective nowadays, so some people try to find the alternatives of standardisation, such as customisation and mass customisation.

USLF produces furniture upon order confirmation and smartly collects a deposit payment up front to cover basic research and production costs. This can be time consuming and ultimately drives up the total cost of the finished product or service.

It is difficult to get exactly the same taste of the food every time.

Standardization Vs Customization

For example, at Subway, the customers can choose the flavour of the sauce for their sandwiches, and they also can order sandwiches without vegetable. Find out by reading the full article here.

Standardization vs. Customization for Products and Services

These facts prove that hospitality and tourism is a really large and promising industry. Restaurant that apply mass customisation concept needs more time to prepare the foods.

United States of America: This might inspire you to try a similar approach with your service or product. It means that the services, use of recipes, menu, table layout, systems, and even the interior design must be in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures.

Mcdonaldisation is an inevitable process that cover all institutions Standardization vs customization the impervious one such as religion and regions of the world. They have already predicted the taste of the food and the price as well.

The first advantage of mass customisation is tailored products Piller, The second disadvantage of standardisation operating system is less choice for customers.

Pure customization requires starting from scratch every time you receive a new customer request. It causes the depreciation of number of customers. The customers are convinced that they can get large portion of food with low prices, but not a really good food.

Jenny explained that there are some key things that they do differently to control labor and production costs. Unpredictable is the last disadvantage of mass customisation Low, Actually, mass customisation is better than standardisation, because nowadays product variety is an important thing in business, many people are willing to pay more for what they want.

It increases the control over the staffs ensuring that customers are getting what they exactly want any time they order. Consequently, Subway has to pay more to buy fresh vegetables, meats, and also additional ingredients, like the sauce, to produce the sandwiches.

The first one is dehumanisation of employees Ritzer, Standardisation Vs Customisation. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: The theories of standardization and customization have been utilized constantly by this firm to maintain its core brand value as well as making the people feel it as local with its adaptive and customized brands and marketing.

The emotional connection that they make with. The objective is to further explore how and why international companies standardize or customize when marketing in the country you have selected. For the other company you are studying,analyze which marketing elements (such as.

Standardization versus Customization in International Marketing: An Investigation Using Bridging Conjoint Analysis Imad B. Baalbaki American University of Beirut Naresh K. Malhotra Georgia Institute of Technology We present and illustrate a methodology by which re- and research and development.

Free Essay: Standardisation VS Mass Customisation Introduction Hospitality and tourism industry represent 5% of global Gross Domestic Product, it is also. Standardization and Customization- A Global Debate Dr. Jyotsna Hirmukhe XMBA Batch 4.

Jan 22,  · International brand management is dealing with different type of problems. If your company is working in different countries, you have to catch up the customer needs and learn about market characteristics of each country.

If you want to be succesful in different countries either you stardardize your product or adapt it for that market.

Standardization vs customization
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