Strengths and weaknesses of the polis of ancient greece essay

Unfortunately, the new ruler often proved to be a tyrant. As well, the polis spawned the concept of naturalization, in which foreigners could become Greek citizens, which eventually led to the Greek idea of a common universal culture.

Born into the rich and aristocratic Alcmaeonid clan around BC, Cleisthenes was raised as a nobleman at a time when the city was deeply divided between ordinary commoners and their wealthy noble rulers.

Academic strengths and weaknesses essay However, the polis also had a number of strengths, which is no doubt why their existence continued over several centuries. He introduced a lot of reforms which facilitated the political life in the polis. The Cleisthenes was the next honored ruler who modified the Athenian system of government.

In response Hippias became an increasingly brutal and savage dictator. The only people who can be considered as equal were the male born. They also made a lot to prevent the return of the tyranny. They refuse any alliances because of the fear of losing their identity. Small city-states allowed for ample experimentation in the political realm, which is why the polis were ruled over by a variety of governments, including monarchies, tyrannies, oligarchies, and limited democracies.

The concepts and theories of modern democracy. The Assembly was the place where the people discussed the political issues and take the most important decisions. The juries where scrutinized in complete detail and if they were compromised they were released from their public duties.

Pythia and Athens Greece Essay Sample

The slaves were used as objects who brought money to the owners and nothing more and the women were not in very good position either. After long years of waiting, Cleisthenes saw his Oracle of Delphi, the greatest shrine in all Greece; he managed to obtain Spartan help and overthrew Hippias, who fled to Asia Minor.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Polis of Ancient Greece Essay Sample

The establishment of the Council of makes the work of the Assembly easier which helped for the political decisions which were taken. The story of the rival suitors is told by Herodotus. As well, the polis shared a common language and similar culture which those surrounding city-states, which led Greece to become a strong cultural and political force.

What were the strengths and weakness of Athenian democracy as a system of government?

They are not professional but hopefully interesting. More essays like this: A young male-born citizen he became a member of a group called phraty — it was a kin group.

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The return to the tyranny was a big problem which threatened the Athenian democracy and because of this Cleisthenes introduced a decree in which was said that no one could hold an office for more than 2 years.

He founded Pythian games at Sicyon and built a new Sicyonian treasury at Delphi. For example, the small size of a city-state compared to that of a large nation-state leads to a variety of potential problems. They were afraid of losing their independence and sovereignty because in that way they would not have a complete power over their city.

Enjoy the analysis I post. He is learned and prepared for the political and social life since his birthday and passes through several groups until reaching the Assembly. The women were restricted from any almost right and there is no worth mentioning the slave population who were used just as property of the rich people who used their skills and work to earn for themselves.

His most prominent reforms led to the progress of Athens. Pisistratus died in BC. This was the place which comments all the issues related to the business.

This in part led to another weakness; the ease in which the ruling government over a polis could be overthrown, a scenario which occurred frequently among the city-states.

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The conduction of the meetings in The Assembly are also a weakness of the Athenians as their desire to participate and rule the city together but only few orators speaks every time and only their voice was heard. I do not agree with the way in which he rose to the top as a leader. His grandfather had ruled the city of Sicyon, won the Olympics as a chariot racer, and become famous all over Greece for the yearlong competition he held for suitors seeking to marry his daughter.

He created the Council of or the Boule. This was the most unique system of government in ancient times. They did not have any political rights and their civic rights were extremely restricted.

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There were two very important institutions in the town — The Assembly where all the citizens were allowed to participate and The Council of the where all ten tribes were represented.

The Athenians were considered to introduce the term democracy which comes from the Greek words demos — the people and kratos which means — to rule.Pythia and Athens Greece Essay Sample.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Polis of Ancient Greece. Pages: 1 Word Count: Have not found what you were looking for? We can write a custom essay. According to Your Specific Requirements. Strengths and Weaknesses of the Polis of. Strengths and Weaknesses of the Polis of Ancient Greece Essay Sample Whereas many ancient nations developed into large states, the peoples of Greece formed a much more unique kind of political organization, that of the polis.

Nov 15,  · View and download ancient greek essays examples. Also discover topics, titles, outlines, thesis statements, and conclusions for your ancient greek essay. These fundamental concepts of a polis also illustrate the similarities between the Greek polis and modern western civilizations.

Education Military and Governments in Ancient Greece. Feb 08,  · What were the strengths and weaknesses of Greek Athens? i am doing an essay on the strengh and weaknesses of greak athens i know their strengths were that of democracy, military, cultureStatus: Resolved.

[tags: Ancient Greece, Biographical Essay] Strong Essays words The maintenance and continued success of Athens' political establishment relies on the prevalence of polis, rationality and discourse over family, emotion and reckless action.

Pericles of Athens and King Archidamus of Sparta provided net assessments of the comparative. Essay on Ancient Greece - Ancient Greece Greece The Greek peninsula has been culturally linked with the Aegean Islands, and the west coast of Asia Minor since the Neolithic Age.

The numerous natural harbors and close-lying islands lead to a unified, maritime civilization.

Strengths and weaknesses of the polis of ancient greece essay
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