Subway franchise essay

Subway Franchise Essay

Another benefit of franchising is a large degree of assistance. Our actual and potential customers live within a mile drive from our location. McDonalds is across the street. Manufacturers use the product franchise to govern how a retailer distributes their product. Subway customers have high expectations with low loyalty.

Most bottlers of soft drinks receive a franchise from a company and must use its ingredients to produce, bottle, and distribute the soft drinks. Subway needs to know Subway franchise essay their customers are. The second predictor is how long the franchisor and its franchisees have been in operation.

Marketing assistance is typically offered as well. This shows that they segment the customer based on the occasion under behavioral of its customers They do not offer compensation either A reason for this is that the product or service is already established. Each Subway is independently owned and operated so their human resources and personnel come individually for each Subway.

The manufacturer grants a store owner the authority to distribute goods Subway franchise essay the manufacturer and allows the owner to use the name and trademark owned by the manufacturer. Their product is not as healthy as ours is but the quick and quality of service is very competitive.

Related to the age group, gender, life cycle, and income according to Subway a majority of is customers are concentrated on the age group in between sixteen and forty.

The royalty fee is usually a percentage of the gross revenue earned by the franchisee. Examples include vending machine routes and distributorships. The Subway that is in town brings in so much business on a daily basis that it is hard to even get in the parking lot at times.

A third factor is the number of franchises that have failed ;including those bought back by the franchisor. Political factors which are affecting Subway marketing are health and safety guidelines of the government.

More Essay Examples on Subway Rubric The marketing support includes; co-op advertising, ad slicks, national media, and regional advertising. Free Essays Must Be Free! Low skilled employees such as high school students and older retirees are what are try to achieve.

With the town I reside in there are more than enough opportunities to open any new business. Something to really think about is what are the pros and cons of starting a franchise.

In return, the business owner franchisee pays a fee and royalties to the owner. Although people of all ages and background enjoy the delicious and healthy sandwiches Starting pay and the typical employee they look for is the same.

Investments in technological innovations such as chip readers and better privacy for our customers.

Why Choose SUBWAY?

We can observe the change in the products which are consumed by different age groups. Awareness of healthy eating and obesity, increasing certain health food diets and social activities regarding fast and healthy foods are the main social factors This experience will help reduce mistakes that are costly in both money and time.

Subway has a very high employee turnover rate therefore we are hiring consistently throughout the year. There are four basic types of franchises used by businesses in the United States.

Subway also makes special promotions during occasions such as holidays. The company will usually provide a significant amount of assistance to the business owners in starting and managing the company.Essay on Marketing: Franchising and Subway InSubway became the top fast-food franchise chain when it reached 33, restaurants worldwide and the company is.

Subway (restaurants) is an American fast-food franchise owned by Doctor’s Associates, Inc and operating globally in 96 outlets.

Franchising Essay

Subway was founded by Peter Buck and Fred DeLuca, with its first restaurant being set up in Bridgeport, Connecticut, U.S in. The Subway Franchise Essay - The Subway Franchise The Subway story started in in Bridgeport, Connecticut during the summer of 17 year old Fred DeLuca was trying to earn enough money to pay for his college tuition by working in a hardware store.

Aside from being a proven business with a low start-up cost, SUBWAY® is continually ranked the #1 Franchise*. Find out how SUBWAY® is the right fit for you. A franchise, by definition is a legal agreement that allows one organization with a product, idea, name or trademark to grant certain rights and information about operating a business to an independent business owner.

In return, the business owner (f. franchising project Essay "WAFFLE TIME” B. History: Waffle Time started on September of which opened their first outlet in The Atrium Mall in Iloilo City.

Franchise is buying others people brand to start doing business with the brand name. After I had develop information of franchising.

I’m right, but the correctly, franchise is.

Subway franchise essay
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