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In this investigation, the trypsin did not work best at acidic conditions and the rate of reaction was affected because active site where the reaction happens on the enzyme is very sensitive to pH changes away from its optimum.

Hydrochloric acid is produced in the stomach to destroy harmful bacteria and this makes the enzymes in the stomach work best in its acidic conditions pH 2. When the products have been released, the enzyme is ready to bind with a new substrate. However all the aspects mentioned above could have affected the results but a general trend was discovered therefore showing that they really did not have a huge affect.

Wait for the film to dissolve away. Enzyme and substrate fail to bind if their shapes do not match exactly. Repeat for other test tubes. The enzyme itself is unaffected by the reaction. Structure and Function of an Enzyme Enzymes are large proteins that speed up chemical reactions.

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Enzyme activity can be affected by the change of pH, temperature and Trypsin investigation essay concentration of substrate or enzyme in the solution. One reason is the contamination of the buffer solution.

The duodenum produces sodium hydrogencarbonate that neutralises the hydrochloric acid from the stomach giving it its alkaline environment. C the rate of reaction will double. Distilled Water- This will be used to clear out all the apparatus and it will minimise the chance of error as it contains no decontaminants.

The pepsin in the stomach is a protease which works best at the acidic Trypsin investigation essay of the stomach so if the rate of reaction increases in acidic conditions, it will determine the acid is made in the stomach and in the duodenum if it works best in alkaline conditions.

Hypothesis on how enzymes work In Emil Fischer postulated the lock and key analogy. The theory also states that a reaction cannot happen if the enzyme-substrate complex does not form.

Enzyme investigation

Changes in pH may not have only affected the shape of an enzyme but it may also change the shape or charge properties of the substrate so that either the substrate could not bind to the active site or it could not undergo catalysis.

The pH is very alkaline in the duodenum as it has to neutralise the acidic hydrochloric acid that is made in the stomach. There were no real noticeable anomalies that can be noted as outside the conventional result and thus there were no results outside the expected results.

Enzymes are thought to reduce the activation energy in a reaction. The beta-pleated sheets are composed of chains which are side by side and are connected by Hydrogen bonds.

However in Koshland suggested an Induced Fit hypothesis. However it is not known if pH of 8. The graph also shows that the enzyme used has the optimum pH of 8. Still others release energy to make the heart beat and the lungs expand and contract. They were written down and the average time was found out.

An Investigation into the Effect of Varying pH on Enzyme Activity - Assignment Example

An Enzyme is any one of many specialised organic substances, composed of polymers of amino acids, that act as catalysts to regulate the speed of the many chemical reactions involved in the metabolism of living organisms. There are two theories that show how enzymes work and are shown below.

However, it is a possibility that the slight changes in light would have changed the amount of light transmitted through therefore increasing the chance of human error.

These ensure that any spillage will not go into the eyes. Another aspect that could be considered is the use of a flea magnetic stirrer that would mix the solution more uniformly for each experiment ensuring more reliable results. Results In the experiment, three repeats were done for each different buffer solution.

This helped conclude that trypsin is found in the duodenum where it works at its optimum condition. However the colorimeter uses a filter to only let some wavelengths of light through or else it would let all the light through not showing distinctions between different solutions. This hypothesis stated that the substrates were vaguely the same shape of the active site but when the enzyme is enters the active site, it moulds the shape of the active site to allow more efficient binding and catalysis.

Any spillages will be mopped up and any broken glass reported and cleared up carefully and disposed in a special glass bin. Some enzymes, such as pepsin and trypsin, which bring about the digestion of meat, control many different reactions, whereas others, such as urease, are extremely specific and may accelerate only one reaction.

Evaluation The experiment can be judged a success as a general trend was discovered. Enzymes are very sensitive to pH changes and they all have an optimum pH where they work best at. Pepsin, trypsin, and some other enzymes possess, in addition, the peculiar property known as autocatalysis, which permits them to cause their own formation from an inert In terms of accuracy, the results are reliable enough to depend on to conclude whether the predictions were correct or not.

However it was not an anomaly for an individual repeat but the average as all the results for pH 5.Free Essay: Investigation into the Digestion of Milk by Trypsin Background Knowledge ===== To investigate the effect of trypsin on milk a.

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Investigation on the effect of pH on enzymes Essay  Design Experiment. How does pH of potatoes affect the breakdown of starch by the enzyme Salivary Amylase?

To investigate the effect of temperature on the rate of reaction on trypsin enzymes - Assignment Example.

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Investigation into the effects of trypsin on dried milk solution

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